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Saturday, Oct 4th, 2014
@ Boom Boom Room

plus special guests HEART TOUCH and SAL'S GREENHOUSE

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Super excited for this New Music that released today with my brothers
Angelo Moore of Fishbone and P-FUNK ALL-STAR RonKat Spearman!!

Together we are Funkymaddlove and this one is great
for dancin' in the HOT Summer Sun!!

-Keno Mapp (Mooremapp Records)


★Plans For 2014★

Well Surprise Surprise,
looks like we made into 2014 hUH!?
 Well that's a God bless.
Uncle Fishbone has been in a Coma and on life Support for a while
but with the help of Silverbacks modern technology through
seance and a prayer and a lot of therapy and negotiations
and the plan ole movements of the universe and space and time taking
their own sweet time and a couple of sharp electric Jolts from
Dr.Maddvibe Frankenstein lighting bOlt machine.

Uncle Fishbone Will be up and Running Soon with a new pair of
intrinsically intertwined bOlts in his neck and a new carburetor.
    This will at least get him through Coachella and Canada
its' been a little difficult to parts for uncle Fishbone because he is the last of
his kind and parts have been a little hard to find for this marvelous contraption.

In the mean while dR.Maddvibe has been putting to use his newly manifested
operations and set them on there successful missions some are stillest to sail.

The Brand new step, release has been launched and is steadily cruising
at a nice hight on the edges of liberation and is presently spreading good
music and lyrics through out the land. as well as the Angelo Show cD.
The japanese release "Ska du' Au Ska don't" featuring
"Kristin Forbes" lady hatchet of the Scotch Bonnets will be the next project
to launch hopefully around the spring period of the year.

The dr. will also be releasing a book called "the Angelo Show"
that is an extension of the CD called the Angelo Show.
This Book will contain all of the lyrics of the Angelo Show CD
as well asthe stories of dR.Maddvibe and extended version
in story length of the preexisting songs on the CD.

Art by Misae  and pics by Dano and Petra.
The book also comes with 3 CD.
1 with just vocals so you can hear and you read.
1 with just instrumental so that you can get your karaoke on if you want  
and Audio book so that you can read the stories as they are recited
and performed to you form the one and only DR.Maddvibe.

Also oN my website you can check out
Le'Gullible with is a part of the available story time theater at the moment.
That's it for now.
Take care and I'll see top on the flip side.

Angelo aka Dr. MaddVibe


Well here it is folks, at last the big wonton soup has arrived for everyone to take a little nip
and then a big sip and with that magical curve and that wonderful dip.

Reach into that bag and pull out that chip and Woo pow!
Hence forth, Furthermoore IN addition too, and subsequently speaking and with out further doo doo
easy over and sunny side up, in light of the fact saggin in the back,
respectfully speaking my neighbors are tweeking and granted you've got the right to be concerned ..

And for future reference if you caught all of the above
truth soul peace and love and with all the love here it is.


Yours Truly,
Dr. Maddvibe 

Optimistic Yes Dropcard

Optimistic Yes(a.k.a. "Positivity Hour")

oN "the Angelo Show" Dr. Maddvibe Positivity Hour is a 20 minute radio show.
This is a lengthy expansion of "Optimistic Yes".
This is Where we introduce a Chronically depressed Donnie Doldrum, Donnie Doldrum seeks salvation Through the AngeloShow for a positive uplift Through the inspiring words of Dr. Maddvibe with various inspirational speeches on optimism followed up by optimistic saxophone solos as well. But the story takes a turn as we find out that Donny Doldrum is The chronically depressed split personality serial killer that have committing mercy Killings throughout the community and after being apprehended by the police returned for one last reach out on the Angelo Show.
The moral to the story is Choose the Right yes instead of the Wrong yes…………Optimistic YEs!

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News & Updates

Spring Break!! 

FUNKYMADDLOVE is a force to be reckoned with and could only be
described as a SUPER BAND like no other!!

Angelo Moore of Fishbone makes it MADD,
P-Funk AllStar RonKat Spearman makes it's Funky
and Keno Mapp of Heart Touch tops it off with Love...

Embrace this first hit single "Spring Break"
and get ready for more to come!!

The time is NOW!!!
Let's Shake...


Sometimes if you need to get something done,
you need to just do it yourself!

Check out our NEW WEBSITE as we take it to
the next level and get ready to roll
into the NEW YEAR!!

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