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Optimistic Yes 2022 Shirt
  • Optimistic Yes 2022 Shirt

Optimistic Yes 2022 Shirt



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We have a limited run of these wonderful shirts depicting cartoon Angelo and Optimistic Yes. Double sided. Limited quantities and limited sizes!

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Cotton T-ShirT $45.00

All OveR PrinT T-ShiRt $55.00

Well here it is folks, at last the big wonton soup has arrived for everyone
to take a little nip and then a big sip and with that magical curve and that wonderful dip.

Reach into that bag and pull out that chip and Woo pow!
Henceforth, Furthermoore IN addition to, and subsequently speaking
and without further doo doo
easy over and sunny side up, in light of the fact saggin' in the back,
respectfully speaking my neighbors are tweaking and granted
you've got the right to be concerned...

And for future reference, if you caught all of the above
truth soul peace and love and with all the love here it is.


Yours Truly,
Dr. MadVibe 


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